10 Best Website to Learn Digital Marketing Course Online in Bikaner

In this article we are going to discuss about the best website to learn Digital marketing course in Bikaner.

Digital Marketing is a way to reach to the consumers through digital channels like social media,search engines, emails,websites and other internet ways to communicate. This also includes communication through text,audio and video. It is a better way to communicate through consumers compare to traditional marketing.

10 Best websites to learn digital marketing course online in Bikaner

In recent years many people wants to learn  or understand digital marketing in Bikaner so here is top 10 websites to learn digital marketing.

1. Upgrad

Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Bikaner

Upgrad’s 5 months certification course in digital marketing  will help you learn digital marketing strategies and tools on website building, seo, social media, email, content, analytics and sales integration.

Mode of teaching is online and course fees is 70,000 + 15% tax.

2. SimpliLearn

SimpliLearn’s DMCA(Digital Marketing Certified Associate) training will help in learning and mastering tools and platforms  like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ,Youtube and Google Analytics. There are 2 type of courses on this platform one is self paced which will cost around 12,999  and second one have instructor – led  sessions and job assistance which will cost around 20,999.

3. Digital Scholar

Digital Marketing Course Institutes in Bikaner

This platform provides a 4 months digital marketing course this platform will helps in learning tools like youtube analytics, google analytics and 40+ digital marketing tools. Mode of teaching is online and course fees is 45,000.

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4. Digital Vidya

This platform provides 9 certification courses and also a 6 month certified digital marketing master (CDMM) course which fees is 49,900.

5. EduPristine

Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Bikaner

This platform offer both online and offline training model, online course’s fees is 24,000 for 48 hours of training while offline course’s fees is 36,500 for 60 hours of training.

6. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)

DSIM’s digital marketing course will cover 17 modules of marketing consisting of 9 certifications which will cost 56,450.

7. Talent Edge

Digital Marketing in Bikaner

This platform provides post graduate certificate program means being graduate is an eligibility criteria. This course duration is 4.5 months and its fees is 70,000.

8. Digital Marketing Training Institute

Learn Digital Marketing

DMTI’s program delivers by seasoned marketers. They provide two types of courses one is diploma and second one is 1 year marketing certification.


National Institute of Digital Marketing is one of the leading institute when comes to digital marketing. It offer three courses Dynamic,Hybrid and Advanced digital marketing.

10. Tech Stack

Digital Marketing Course in Bikaner (2)

Tech Stack is considered as best emerging academy in digital marketing. It offers 2 courses Advance and Post graduation digital marketing.

10 Best Website Designing Institute in Bikaner

In this article we are going to discuss about the best website designing institute in Bikaner to learn website designing course in Bikaner. Website design is the design of websites which are displayed on the internet. Rather than software development, it is more about the user experience aspects of website development. A web developer designs websites for desktops, mobile, tablet browsers. Web designing focuses on the appearance of the website (colours, font style, font size, images etc.), its layout (structuring and categorizing of information) and sometimes on the content.

In order to make a website appealing to the readers a web designer has to choose easy to read fonts, attractive colour schemes, implement a brand’s identity into colours, fonts and layout, create a map of website’s structure to ensure intuitive navigation, make sure the website is readable in both desktop and mobile. Web designing includes, content creation, SEO, web graphic design, User Interface design, User experience design. In simpler words  we designing is all about the physical appearance of a website.

10 Best Website Designing Institute in Bikaner to Learn Website Designing Course in Bikaner

In India as well as overseas, a tremendous upsurge has been seen when it comes to the scope of web designing. With the digital world evolving at a fast pace, the popularity of web designing is increasing rapidly and there is a great demand for web designers in both IT and non-IT companies. Therefore, many have started looking in web designing as a career option and for that are looking forward to acquire the skills required for this role, for which they need to take help of a good institution. Listed below are top 10 web designing institute in Bikaner which can help an aspiring web designer reach his/her goal.

1. Digital Bikana

Digital marketing Institute in Bikaner

Digital Bikana is the best website designing instute in Bikaner to learn web designing course in Bikaner. It offers various courses, all of which is designed to meet the current market trends. The web designing course here is of three months and comes with live projects. The course syllabus includes social media marketing, search engine marketing, website designing, content marketing and search engine optimization. The minimum eligibility for all the above course is 10+2 pass.

2. Zee Institute of Creative Art (ZICA)

Best Web Designing Institute in Bikaner

India’s first full fledged classical and digital animation training academy, ZICA offers several courses including web designing, digital marketing, graphic designing, visual effects (VFX), etc. Located in Mumbai, it’s one of the best web design institute in India. The course is of six months and includes leaning the art and technology of creating web templates, web banners, responsive and interactive flash web pages and animated e-presentations. The classes are held five days a week and are each of two hours.

The course includes both theoretical and practical classes. In order to give students a practical knowledge of the subject, the learning has been made project-based. Further through competitions and other activities in training programme evaluation would be made regularly. The institute also offers placement support to its students.

 The admission criteria is that the candidate must have completed class 10. The course is open for both students as well as working professionals.

3. Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID)

Best Website Designing Course Institute in Bikaner

SID, in Pune, is another leading web designing institute in India offering Bachelor’s degree in web designing, B,Des. It is a four years degree course and the degree is warded by Symbiosis International University. The curriculam includes a mix of traditional skills, new media skills and soft skills. The eligibilitycriteria for the course is that the candidate must have passed class 12. Further, some creative and aptitude skills must be possessed by the candidate.

Other than the B.Des course, the institute also offers a two years Post Graduate degree programme in User Experience Design. The candidate must have completed graduation in order to apply for the course.

The teaching method followed at Symbiosis Institute of Design includes both theory classes as well as practical sessions.  They are aimed at creating successful professionals in the world of design.

4. Dice Academy

Best Web Designing Course Institute in Bikaner

Dice academy in Delhi offers on of the best web design courses in India for HTML, CSS. CSS3, WordPress, MySQL,Javascript, JQuery, Responsive Design, PHP, Angular js. The courses are designed in a way to give students an insight into the modern web design industry. It is suitable for freshers who are new to web design and prepares them for the industry. The course material is prepared by taking inputs from professional web designers working in leading design companies, and are regularly updated to keep up with latest trends. It includes live hands-on exercises and projects.The teachers are actual web designers from IT Industry. The institution also offers a bonus personality development course covering Professional communication, Email etiquette and how to give interviews.

The candidates in order to enrol for the course must have basic computer knowledge, basic internet usage knowledge, basic typing skills, basic reading/ writing skills. Dice Academy offers 100% assistance in job placement and interviews.

5. National Institute of Design

Learn Website Designing in Bikaner

NID, located in Ahmedabad, is recognised internationally as one of the best educational institution for Industrial design, Communication design, Textile, Apparel and lifestyle design, IT Integrated Design and Interdisciplinary Design Studies. Both Bachelors and Master programmes are available. The programmes offer problem solving capabilities, in-dept knowledge and creative educational culture. Further the institute offers student exchange programme between different countries.

The eligibility criteria for the four years Bachelor programme is that the candidate must have completed 12th standard. The eligibility criteria for Master programme is graduation in any specialization.

6. Besant Technologies

Learn Web Designing in Bikaner

Besant Technologies is located in Chennai and offers web designing courses that provide students hands-on experience in web designing. The topics included under the wed designing course range from basics to advanced. Some of the topics covered are HTML, design concepts, wee publishing, Cascading style sheets, PHP MySQL, etc. Front-end, Back-end, Database and Full Stack Development are also covered in the course. The students are provided hands-on training by teachers who are industry experts and have experience in web designing. The course is 100% job oriented and also prepares students for interviews. The institution has a 90% placement record.

7. Compufield Computer Institution

Website Designing Course in Bikaner

This institution, located in Mumbai, offers various courses under Web Designing and Development. Its Certificate course in Web designing prepares students for the field of web designing. The course starts with giving preliminary knowledge and provides practical knowledge of designing website. The topics included within the course module are, HTML and CSS, ADOBE Dreamweaver, ADOBE Photoshop. The course duration is 70 session of 1 hr. each.

Some of the ther courses offered here are Diploma Course in Wed Designing (consisting of HTML and CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate/ WordPress.) Diploma Course in Graphics and Web Designing (consisting of HTML5 and CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress and FTP) Diploma Course in Adobe Softwares (consisting Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Animate, HTML5 and CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Premiere Pro.) Candidates who have passed 12th standard are eligible for the courses.

8. Arena Animation

Best Website Designing Course in Bikaner

Arena Animation in Kolkata offers a Graphics Web Design and Development course that helps candidates acquire skills in multimedia content, visually appealing websites, logos for advertisements, concepts of digital graphics, image editing for print and publishing, UI/UX, SEO and content management. The course offers job oriented, industry centric curriculum, certified faculty, hands-on practical training, exposure to industry interaction and workshops. The institution also provides placement assistance.

It is a fifteen months course where classes are held three days a week for 2 hrs. each. Minimum qualification required for candidates to take admission is 10+2.

9. Image Institute of Digital University

Best Website Designing Training Institute in Bikaner

This institution offers Certificate courses in Graphic design, Visual effects, Graphic and Web design, Web and UI design and more. The Graphic and Web design course enable students to build a strong foundation in visual design, communication and presentation and specialize in designing marketing collaterals for print and web. The course comes in two durations, the fast tract course is of 6 months, while the normal course is of 12 months

The course in Web and UIDesign enable students to build a strong foundation in wed design principles and specialize in designing websites which are compatible with various devices such as desktops, tablets, mobile phones. This course too comes in two durations, the fast tract being of 3 months and the normal being 6 months.

10. Imagic

Website Designing in Bikaner

Imagic is an institution in Kolkata offering Web Design course which comes in both offline and online modes and students can choose either of the two. The course curriculum includes Photoshop, HTML Eitors, Website structure, HTML5 details, Form Structure, Font Generate, CSS3 and 4 details, SEO Concept, W3C Validation, JQquery, hosting and deployment to Live server, practical project. The classes are conducted in small batches to help students understand better. The institution guarantees 100% placement. It is a 3 months programme with 2 classes a week. The minimum eligibility criteria for this course is 10+2.

10 Best SEO Course Institute in Bikaner

In this article we are going to discuss about the best SEO course institute in Bikaner to learn SEO Course in Bikaner. SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization, is made of two words and that isa search engine and optimization. Search engine means software that is designed to search or find the information you are looking for, from the internet or the world wide web. A system that is made to look for data.

Optimization refers to the usage of a resource in the best or the most effective way. It means using the given situation in a way that can be best for it.

Now, when we combine these two words, we understand that using the search engine in the best possible way for your advantage and betterment. If you have a product or a service, wouldn’t you want that if the person searches for it, your website shows at the top? That is what optimizing the search engine is, making it in a way that you are benefitted and is shown on the top when searched.

One question, must come to your mind, is that in this process do we optimize the search engine? Is it even possible? The search engine is something that has been made after a lot of hard work and has a lot of technicalities that have gone behind them. If we take google for example, can we go to its backend and change its algorithm or coding? No. You can’t do that and that is not what you do in SEO, you optimize your website and its content and gain the best use of that search engine. You use the correct contents and keywords, which might help you to be on top of every search and that will be benefited for you.

SEO is something that has become very important in offices and various cooperate sectors. It has become a necessity and very important too. People are nowadays choosing to learn about SEO and become SEO specialists for companies, scopes that SEO provides are SEO executives, SEO led, SEO manager and also SEO director in big companiesand here in this article we shall discuss the top 10 SEO institutes in Bikaner for learning about SEO.

10 Best SEO Course Institute in Bikaner to Learn SEO Course in Bikaner

As we saw above what SEO is and what does it actually do. People nowadays seek to learn this as a proper course and add it to their resumes but still there are a lot people who are quite unaware of this and if they know what SEO is, they don’t know how to pursue it and what are the institutes that can help them in learning the course, below here are mentioned the top 10 institutes of Bikaner that provide you with the course and that will be helpful in you for becoming a SEO specialist.


Digital Bikana

A Bikaner-based organization, that provides you with one of the best SEO courses there is in Bikaner. You learn from the most experienced trainer available in the business, you will also receive all practical classes. This is not an online course you will have to attend all the classes practically and there are two times when they take place, one is the weekdays batch and another is a weekend batch, that happens only on Saturdays and Sundays. The days and the timings of the classes are updated on their websites. They also provide a special course for housewives, keeping in mind their need and that they need to earn some extra income for their families and train them for that.


As the name suggests, it is an online platform for you to learn. Online courses are so much convenient these days and they are easier to do as well. They just require your little bit of dedication and time and you are good to go. With this you get a certification for your SEO master. When you register you get 1 month live instructor-led online Search Engine Optimization course sessions. As they are online, go can attend them from anywhere.

 There are two batches that goes on and they are weekday batch, which happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays and another one is a weekend batch that runs on Saturdays or Sundays.

The timings are 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM (IST) / 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM (IST).

80% attendance is mandatory and once your 1 month is completed you will be required to appear for an online exam to gain your certificate. It will be an hour long exam, with 50 questions and the passing marks is 35%. You can also a demo class before registration to get an idea of what you will be learning. After the 1 month course and the online exam, you will receive your certificate and you will know how SEO works and you can add this to your resume and it will benefit you in your jobs as well.


This institute offers an online course to learn SEO and digital marketing. It is a 20 weeks immersive program and has classes from Monday to Saturday, from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. They also provide you with great placement opportunities and you learn a lot about social media marketing as well it helps you build a strong personality and a strong profile for your resume as well. You will receive a certificate and a lot of experience as well. There are various plans that the institute offers and they start from 6815/- per month. There are various plans with different things to offer.


SEO Institute in Bikaner

It’s a Delhi based institute that provides you with a SEO course and many other digital courses as well. It has both online and offline courses and it provides you with SEO training course as well. You get proper certification as well. It’s an advance course of 4 months and the fees begin from 7,000 INR and it varies from the additional courses you choose and the training costs are charged differently. They also provide you with internships to polish your skills and after the completion of your course, you get good placements as well.


Best SEO Course in Bikaner

It’s a Chandigarh based institute that provides you with a number of digital programs and courses, including the SEO. They are a Google Premier Partner with an expert team of trainers. They will provide you with 45+ course modules, 15+ certifications and a complete hands-on practical approach. You will also work on live-projects and they also provide you with internship opportunities and 100% job placements with their partner companies. You get a proper certificate and things that you can add in your resume for a better looking profile. The CIIM trainees are working at companies like Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Tech Mahindra and many more.


SEO Course in Bikaner

It is an online SEO learning and training program and it provides you with knowledge of digital marketing as well and in their course they teach you about both on-page and off page SEO and after the completion of your course, they ensure you with placements with a salary range of 15,000/- to 25,000/- and they also provide you with an experience certificate of 3 months and they also give you a customised designer resume that will be helpful for you in the future. They also provide you with SEO training programs and they help you gain a certificate, that will help you in getting jobs in the future as well.


SEO in Bikaner

It is one of the top SEO training institutes in India. They provide you with 40 hours of training, teach you with 20+ SEO tools, 10 certifications, they also help you with your career guidance and provide you with placement assistance as well. They have weekdays batch, i.e. from Monday to Friday and the timings are 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. They give your practical sessions, live projects, placement assistance, resume preparation, mock interview sessions and global certifications. They also help you with training and for seeking jobs as well. Different SEO courses have different prices, that ranges from 4,000 INR and goes till 30,000 INR as well. You can choose which course you want to opt for.


Learn SEO Course in Bikaner (2)

It is a professionalized SEO training institute which offers one of the best trainings to its students. They provide you with practical knowledge with flexible training programmes. They provide SEO training in Kolkata and also online SEO training, who wants to learn from home at their comfort and convenience. This institution is mainly based on training and it’s a 1 month theoretical and practical training and 15 days live project training as well. The complete duration of course is 2 months, in which they also teach about social media marketing and other digital courses too. The fees in 10,000 INR, which you have to pay in 2 installments.


Learn SEO in Bikaner

It is an online based training programme that is exhaustive and all-practical. They have both weekdays(Tuesdays and Thursday) from 8 PM to 9:30 PM  and weekend batch (only Saturday) from 10 AM to 2 PM. IIM skills provides you with 4 weeks of SEO training course with 8 weeks paid internship. They have 16 hours live lectures, practical assignments and weekly assessments. They guarantee you with paid internship and 100% placement support with a master certification from IIM skills. The course begins from 14,900/- and varies from different courses and trainings.


Best SEO Institute in Bikaner

It is a Kolkata-based institute that provides you with online as well as offline SEO training in India. It is one of the best SEO learning institutes.They also provide you with 70+ hours of interactive and extensive learning and training in Kolkata. They boost your career as a true SEO or digital marketing professional. They provide you with the best professionals also they also let you practice on live websites. They have different modules in which they plan to cover everything there is about SEO and digital marketing. So these are some of the institutes that provide you with the best SEO courses in India, that will help you to learn digital marketing in a better way and also explore new things in your future.

The coming future is about digital marketing and learning SEO can be of big help and will boost your resume as well. So what are you waiting for? Grab your seats in these institutes and have an amazing time learning.